Volunteer Opportunities

For members of the WNDC, opportunities to volunteer are numerous and varied. Members may participate as much or as little as desired, and we welcome the formation of new interest groups. Participation in a committee, subcommittee, or task force (see the Public Policy Committee page for a listing of all task forces) is a great way to quickly establish new connections with other Club members.

The following are ways you can become active with the Club:

House Committee
Garden Subcommittee
(under the VP for Administration) – The house and garden of the Whittemore mansion is a museum and historic property, which needs the frequent attention of not only our paid staff, but sometimes our volunteer members as well. Our staff members appreciate your interest and involvement, and are happy to work with you.

Arts Committee – The Art Committee Chair is responsible for arranging numerous exhibitions throughout the year. Assistance is always welcomed but please check with the current chair as to meeting times and upcoming exhibits.

Communications (under the VP for Communications) – This committee works to develop and maintain our website, social media, newsletter, and contact with various branches of the media. There is an ongoing effort to make sure that our programs are publicized to the extent possible, and that our website reflects these efforts.

Membership (under the VP for Membership) – Members are free to work with our Staff Coordinator and assistant to help plan outreach events, create postcards and flyers, and to help our current members participate and enjoy the privileges associated with belonging to the WNDC.

Public Liaison (under the VP for Public Liaison) – Members who are active in other organizations that might be interested in the WNDC, and vice versa, should consider discussing this potential involvement with the VP. This is another form of public outreach, and it’s a very important way to reach a new audience.

NOTE: Please contact the appropriate Vice President to determine meeting times and up-to-date contact person for each committee or task force. Look up Officers & Governors contact HERE.



An intern at the Woman’s National Democratic Club may report to a range of officers.  Assignments and responsibilities depend on the department to which the intern is assigned.  Typical tasks may include updating media lists, creating press releases and fliers to promote bi-weekly speaking events, researching how to reach organizations and individuals to join WNDC and promote its projects, working with a variety of Task Forces and Committees, researching possible donors, responsibility for a number of mailings, proofreading the monthly newsletter, helping with speaking event execution, and attending membership events.

The Club Manager and the WNDC President may also assign projects to interns, as needed. The position includes clerical work, but is also expandable to suit an intern’s particular interests. Interns will be encouraged to join a Task Force or Committee. Interns are also encouraged to attend the bi-weekly speaking events.


Collections Management Internship

To apply for an internship within any other committee, please download the internship application below: