Membership Benefits and Activities 

The Woman’s National Democratic Club offers many member benefits and privileges:

  • Free weekday access to the Whittemore House, WNDC’s headquarters, to hold meetings, host lunches, and confer with friends and colleagues.   

  • Speaker programs with distinguished national leaders and social events such as receptions, movies, art shows, book discussions, wine tastings, travel tours, and parties (reduced rates for members).

  • Political advocacy through Public Policy Committee and task forces, and opportunities to work on campaigns and fundraisers for candidates. 

  • Reduced rates for use of the beautiful and historical Whittemore House for weddings, parties, fundraisers, and other large events (16 people or more) on both weekdays and weekends. 

  • Opportunities to serve children and the community in volunteer activities through WNDC Educational Foundation. 

  • All rights and privileges of WNDC membership, member directory, newsletter, and special electronic communications.  

  • Convenient location near Dupont Circle Metro Station and nearby bus stops on Connecticut Ave. and Q Street NW. 

  •  Reduced rates for garage parking across from the Whittemore House and for rooms in several nearby hotels.

  • And much more!

What Are My Membership Options?

  • Individual: (DC-area resident, age 40+): May attend all WNDC events, serve as committee members and chairs, vote, and use Club rooms during the week. (Fees: $100 application fee, $55 per month dues, $75 per quarter food and beverage minimum). 
  • Business and Professional:  Self-employed persons, partners, consultants, independent contractors, and sole proprietors of businesses or chief executives of nonprofit organizations. These (non-voting) members receive the benefits of WNDC membership, including free weekday use of the Whittemore House for small meetings and individual work; reduced member rates for lunches, lectures, and other WNDC-sponsored events; and reduced fees on room rentals for large events. (Fees: $100 application fee, $80 per month dues). 
  • Family: (DC-area member and spouse or domestic partner living in the same household): Both members have full resident membership privileges. (Fees: $100 application fee, $82 per month dues, $100 per quarter food and beverage minimum).
  • Young Dems: (DC-area resident, 30-39): Have all resident membership privileges at specific discounted rate.
    (Fees: $50 application fee, $27 per month dues, $40 per quarter food and beverage minimum). 
  • Younger Dems: (DC-area resident, 18-29): Have all resident membership privileges at specific discounted rate.
    (Fees: $30 application fee, $14.50 per month dues). 
  • Non-Resident (members who live 50 miles or more from the clubhouse for at least six months in each fiscal year). These (non-voting) members have full access to the Club and its events at member prices. They also receive WNDC publications and have access to the members-only section of the website. (Fees: $30 application fee, $14.50 per month dues). 

How to Apply




Please click on the JOIN NOW button above, complete your application, and pay your one-time application fee. WNDC will immediately notify you by e-mail that we have received your application. Once the Board has accepted your application, you will receive another e-mail with further information about your membership.