US Role in a Changing World Series: Dr. Suzanne Maloney

maloneys_full_protraitUS Role in a Changing World Series:

US-Iran Relations in the Trump Era – Dr. Suzanne Maloney
Deputy Director of the Foreign Policy Program at the Brookings Institution

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 (Luncheon)

TIME: 11:30 am – Bar opens; 12:15 pm – Lunch served; 1-2 pm – Presentation and Q&A

EVENT TYPE: Speaker Luncheon

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Nearly four decades have passed since the Iranian revolution and the breach in the diplomatic relationship between Washington and Tehran. The establishment of Iran’s Islamic Republic dramatically transformed its internal politics, economy, and society, and its impact echoed well beyond Iran’s borders to reconfigure the geostrategic balance in the Middle East. The Iran nuclear deal, concluded in 2015, seemed to deescalate that crisis and herald an unprecedented breakthrough in the long bilateral estrangement. And yet, two years later, tensions between the United States and Iran remain high. What is driving the escalating frictions between Washington and Tehran? Will the Trump administration scuttle the nuclear agreement, and what might that mean for regional and international security? Finally, what are the prospects for overcoming the antagonism between the two countries?

Dr. Maloney’s books include Iran’s Long Reach (US Institute of Peace, 2008) and Iran’s Political Economy since the Revolution (Cambridge U Press, 2015).

PRICE: $25 Members; $30 Non-members (includes lunch); $10 Lecture only

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