House GOP Mandates Motherhood after 20 Weeks

On May 13, 2015, the GOP-dominated House of Representatives passed a national ban on abortions after 20 weeks’ gestation. There had been no public notification of the upcoming legislation, and there were no hearings. This ban is disguised… Read More

Senator Mikulski Joins National Democratic Institute to Honor Women of Afghanistan

The National Democratic Institute (NDI), joined by Senator Barbara Mikulski, honored the Worker Women Social Organization (WWSO) of Kandahar, Afghanistan, at its annual Madeline Albright Luncheon on May 12. Senator Mikulski, introduced by Secretary Albright, began by stating… Read More

Campaign Finance Reform: An Urgent Priority for Hillary Clinton — and Our Nation

Hillary Clinton has smartly made campaign finance reform a key tenet of her campaign. In meeting with a handful of voters in Iowa on April 14, Clinton declared that, “We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and… Read More

A Second Look at the Rolling Stone Article on Rape at UVA

The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism recently published a review of Rolling Stone’s “A Rape on Campus.” The magazine retracted the story. But as we read of the media blasting Rolling Stone’s reporting, we believe it is important to look at… Read More

Medical Malpractice Mandated by Arizona Anti-Abortion Law

A new Arizona law demands that physicians lie to a woman in the process of a medical abortion by telling her there is a hormonal injection that will predictably and safely reverse the first of two steps she… Read More