Constitution Guarantees the Right to Same Sex Marriage, Supreme Court Rules

“The arc of the moral universe is long. But it bends toward justice.” (Theodore Parker, Martin Luther King, Jr.) WNDC salutes the Supreme Court’s second decision in two days that strengthens justice for all Americans. Citing the 14th… Read More

Health Care Is a Right, Not a Privilege

All Americans may now exhale. The Supreme Court of the United States has just reaffirmed the total legitimacy of the “Affordable Care Act,” aka “Obamacare” by a 6-3 decision. As if to end all remaining arguments, the majority… Read More

The Public Policy Committee wishes to share WNDC’s message of condolence to the families and community of the victims of the Charleston, South Carolina, slayings

Members of the Woman’s National Democratic Club wish to express shock and horror over the killing of nine parishioners from the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, last Wednesday night. It is even more agonizing that this hate… Read More

The Democratic Platform: Hillary and Bernie

Any presidential candidate faces broad challenges in illuminating the harsh injustices of our country and endorsing specific policies to fix them. Yet this is precisely what our leaders must do to create a nation of justice and opportunity. We… Read More

Pope Francis Hears the Cries of the Earth and the Poor

Pope Francis has issued a revolutionary call for the human race to stop destroying the earth and human dignity. On June 18th, the Pope issued his encyclical, “Laudato Si (“Praise Be to You”) On Caring for Our Common… Read More

A Mother “Laid in Her Son’s Blood” (CNN 6/20/2015)

One more time, an African American mother has to grieve. One more time, she survives the death of her child.  One more time, she tells a story of death. One more time, she contains the projected hate of… Read More

Condolences to Families and Community of Charleston, South Carolina Murder Victims

The members of the Woman’s National Democratic Club wish to express our shock and horror over the Jun 17 killing of nine parishioners from the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC: Cynthia Hurd, Susie Jackson, Ethel Lance, Rev…. Read More

“TPP Is Not a Trade Fight – It’s a Fight for Democracy”

Jim Hightower, Nation of Change (6/19/2015) Over the past 25 years, in secret, a cabal of multinational corporations, the Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, and a cadre of political and academic elites have been crafting what amounts to a separate private world… Read More

An End to Conflict between Israel and Palestine: Not So Fast

Peace between Israel and Palestine seems to be a crown jewel locked away in a back room. But is the door shut forever?  Certainly, no negotiations are currently underway. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won the March 17 Israeli election,… Read More

Violence in West Baltimore and Our Nation

Once again our hearts are heavy with news of the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray and the subsequent uprising and military presence in Baltimore. Yet we see in this dark moment a bright opportunity to give meaning to… Read More