A Mother “Laid in Her Son’s Blood” (CNN 6/20/2015)

One more time, an African American mother has to grieve.

One more time, she survives the death of her child. 

One more time, she tells a story of death.

One more time, she contains the projected hate of racism to protect us from our own shadow of hate.

One more time, she contains the deepest irreconcilable pain of losing her child.  A pain and loss that lasts a lifetime.

One more time, she teaches us to transform an act of hate into forgiveness. .

One more time, her courage saves us from getting lost in our own destructiveness.

One more time, she teaches us how to endure pain.

One more time, she is chosen to teach us that love is far more powerful than hate.

Maria R. Ross, LICSW, Chair

Education/Children’s Issues Task Force  

In the name of the Woman’s National Democratic Club, this poem is dedicated to Felicia Sanders, mother and survivor of the Charleston massacre. It is also dedicated to the community of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina who are grieving the losses of their pastor and beloved congregants.

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