Woman's National Democratic Club

About the WNDC

Our Mission

The Woman’s National Democratic Club (WNDC) is a hub for civic engagement, learning, and political action in the heart of the nation’s capital. We are a meeting place for Democrats, Independents, and Progressives to come together in order to protect and promote our democratic values. We continue our legacy of serving as a forum for our community to engage in conversation and action to advance shared political interests. 

Who We ARe

The Woman’s National Democratic Club brings together hundreds of members of all genders living in the Washington, DC-area and builds power with our members across 23 states. Our passionate community is composed of leaders in government, the Democratic Party, progressive political & advocacy institutions and corporate companies along with activists, artists and people who choose to be defined by a whole other set of labels. We are joined together with a shared passion for politics and good government. WNDC is a member-led 501(c)7 organization with a Board of Directors and Executive Committee elected from the membership and a professional staff that works with the Board and the Club president.


Washington, DC is abuzz with people and organizations who care intensely about government, politics, and public policy. With so many diverse interests and goals, it is important to have a place for Democrats to come together to learn from each other, challenge ideas, and join in collective power. The WNDC is that place. In our beautiful and historic home, The Whittemore House, we bring together experts and dedicated Democrats in joint efforts to support good candidates and advocate for better policies. We invite you to join us to help shape our contributions to our city and our nation.