Volunteer & Careers

The VAMA Committee is responsible for arranging numerous exhibitions throughout the year, and for the care of the art and antiques collection of historic Whittemore House.

The Club keeps records of previous meetings, documents, photographs and memorabilia in the archive. We welcome your help if you are interested in helping with archiving and documenting those records, and learning about our history.

Volunteers with an interest in library science or who just enjoy working with books and databases are encouraged to help out with the Eleanor Roosevelt Library.  

The Communications Committee works to develop and maintain our website, social media, newsletter, and contact with various branches of the media. There is an ongoing effort to make sure that our programs are publicized to the extent possible, and that our website reflects these efforts.

The Membership Committee works with the Membership Services Coordinator to help plan outreach events, create postcards and flyers, and to help our current members participate and enjoy the privileges associated with belonging to the WNDC.

Volunteers are always needed to help WNDC expand our network and build meaningful partnerships with other organizations.  If you are active in other organizations that you think share our values and would like to build a connection, we need you!

Note: Please contact Amy Kobeta for all inquiries (including interest in volunteering for a particular cause or event), or whenever applicable, the appropriate Vice President to determine meeting times and up-to-date contact person for each committee or task force. Look up Officers & Governors contact here.

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Internship Opportunities

An intern at the Woman’s National Democratic Club may report to a range of officers.  Assignments and responsibilities depend on the department to which the intern is assigned.  Typical tasks may include updating media lists, creating press releases and fliers to promote bi-weekly speaking events, researching how to reach organizations and individuals to join WNDC and promote its projects, working with a variety of Task Forces and Committees, researching possible donors, responsibility for a number of mailings, proofreading the monthly newsletter, helping with speaking event execution, and attending membership events.

The Club Manager and the WNDC President may also assign projects to interns, as needed. The position includes clerical work, but is also expandable to suit an intern’s particular interests. Interns will be encouraged to join a Task Force or Committee. Interns are also encouraged to attend the bi-weekly speaking events.