Woman's National Democratic Club

100 Days of Solicitude

“Truth over Lies, Light over Darkness” We worked hard to elect this winning team. And we are now reaping the fruits of our labor. We are witnessing exponential change in the trajectory of our nation. People are once more the central focus. And the common man’s everyday concerns are being addressed. The era of compassionate … Read more

George Floyd Immortalized

DC residents gathered at Black Lives Matter Plaza, across from the White House, on April 20, 2021 to hear the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis with trepidation and fear in their hearts. They had been demonstrating throughout the summer of 2020, despite the threat of COVID-19, since the murder of 46-year-old George … Read more

Surviving the 2020 Challenge

As trees don fresh green leaves, bushes sprout brilliantly-hued flowers, and cherry blossoms celebrate spring in all their pink and white glory, we dare to hope. The year-long COVID winter appears to be receding, life is slowly coming back to normal, vaccinations are up, the number of sick is down, people are emerging into the … Read more

A Plan With Heart!

March 2021 Letter From the President The Biden administration passed The American Rescue Plan which can only be described as a rational, essential crisis-management plan with heart! The COVID-19 pandemic has created a national emergency not only because of a public health crisis but an economic crisis that has devastated families across the country. Almost … Read more

A Nation Rejoices as Biden and Harris Make History

History was made this weekend. On Saturday, November 7, four fraught days after election night, Joe Biden was pronounced the president-elect, who will become the 46th president of the United States on January 20, 2021. Kamala Harris, now vice president-elect, will be the first woman, first Black American, and first South Asian American to ascend … Read more