Woman's National Democratic Club

The Urgency of Now

The year 2020 will long be remembered for the disasters it brought in its wake. We were anticipating a momentous year for different reasons. We were all geared up to celebrate the centennial of women’s suffrage. A presidential election year is always exciting with the promise of change and this year in particular we hoped … Read more

Statement on the Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Verdict

“INJUSTICE IS NOT ALWAYS ASSOCIATED WITH ACTION.IT IS IN AN INACTION.” Marcus Aurelius Armed citizens and trigger-happy law enforcement officers—a recipe for violence especially when racism is added to this vitriolic mix. A frontline worker is shot five times in her own apartment by cops during a supposed drug heist. They break down her front … Read more

Legal Jeopardy

The US has always prided itself on being a nation of laws. The final recourse in cases that are divisive and politically charged would be a Supreme Court that is a fair arbiter. Courts must not be simple extensions of the political branches of the Government, averred Chief Justice Roberts in 2018. Some of the … Read more

The Passing of a Living Legend

Representative John Lewis left a profound mark on everyone he encountered. The Woman’s National Democratic Club was no exception. He visited us on April 2, 2019 to present the “Democratic Woman of the Year Award” to Representative Maxine Waters of California. A civil rights leader, a preacher of nonviolence, and a US Representative from Georgia, … Read more