Woman's National Democratic Club

COVID Threats to Reproductive Rights

The pandemic has made abortion harder for women to access in some states, including Texas, since abortion was deemed not essential. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) doesn’t have to overturn Roe v Wade in order to make it difficult for women to access birth control and abortion. On July 8, SCOTUS ruled against the … Read more

Summertime and Guns—Pop, Pop in Urban America

COVID-19 continues, while gun violence never went away! The public and media just awakened, while neighborhoods and communities, from DC, Chicago, Atlanta, to LA, were in its midst. Many politicians, according to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, attempt to blame this increase on Black Lives Matter protests and gun safety laws, but we know better. … Read more

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Decides, Who Pays, Part II

“The people in power right now are too comfortable with other people’s deaths.” – Rev William Barber, Poor People’s March As we approach the sixth month of COVID-19, we are reminded of our other plague: systemic racism. In mid-July the official count of cases per the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) was 3.5 million, which is admittedly … Read more

Reinstate Congressional Notification of Firearms Exports

The Woman’s National Democratic Club co-signed a letter to Representative James McGovern, Chairman of the House Committee on Rules, and Representative Adam Smith, Chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services, in support of efforts to reinstate congressional notification of firearms exports. These weapons were recently moved to the Commerce Department-led Commerce Control List (CCL) … Read more

Statement on Trump’s Decision End WHO Membership

WNDC strongly disagrees with the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization. America has a proud tradition of funding research into prevention, diagnostic methodology and the development of therapies for illnesses that befall global citizenry. In the past decade we were instrumental in containing new epidemics such as SARS and Ebola as well as … Read more

Call Trump Out on Facilitation of China’s Concentration Camps for Uyghurs

John Bolton’s revelations include President Trump telling Chinese President Xi Jinping, in a 2019 G20 meeting in Osaka, that he supported Xi’s building concentration camps for the Uyghur ethnic group. Now that Bolton’s book with that revelation is coming out, Trump has rushed to call for sanctions in the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of … Read more