Woman's National Democratic Club

WNDC Statement in Support of the DC Elections Modernization Amendment Act of 2021

The Woman’s National Democratic Club supports the provisions of the Elections Modernization Act of 2021. An effective democracy that works for all citizens must include systems and processes that make it easy for all citizens to vote in free and fair elections. Many of the provisions of this bill were implemented during the 2020 election … Read more

The True Face of Glenn Youngkin

Now that he is safely elected and about to take office as Governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin is showing what his real policies are going to be.  As he infamously said to his base voters in a video released before the election, he had to be moderate in his campaign to ensure support from independents, … Read more

Democracy, Voting Rights & the Environment

Across our nation, states like Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina are limiting access to the vote by those likely to vote Democratic: Black and Brown voters, college students, and indigenous people.  States with Republican-majority legislatures, even some with Democratic governors like North Carolina, are not only changing the rules to limit access to the vote, … Read more

WNDC PPC Action Plan 2022

2022 is the year to protect our democracy. It’s urgent, and all hands on deck. Each of us has a role. You can choose how to get involved, depending on your available time (have 5 minutes? 20? half a day?) and your preferences (like to bang out emails? prefer talking to people? enjoy social media?). … Read more

We Must Preserve Democracy in Health Policy

Full Democracy in health policy means each life is of equal value and that all health care decisions are made based solely on science and are totally confidential between the patient and his/her physician (or other nationally certified and locally licensed health care provider). No governmental or political or religious entities may interfere in health … Read more

Victory in 2022!

Don’t hang back from political action for goals that need political action now! If you succeed, you’ll have a Victory High making your 2022 and our 2022 a good year! As we approach the anniversary of rioters breaking into our Capital on January 6, 2021, it becomes clear how much worse the mob violence was … Read more

Summit for Democracy Shows that the US Is Again Committed to Contest Authoritarianism at Home and Abroad

Some 110 countries will gather via Zoom this month at a Summit, a series of meetings at the Head of State, official, and civil society levels, to discuss and make commitments to fight corruption, defend against authoritarianism, and advance human rights. The virtual event kicks off a “year of action” during which countries will work … Read more

Virginia Election Recap—Jim Moran

Former Congressman Jim Moran joined WNDC on November 4 to discuss the results of the election in Virginia and the state of the Democratic Party—hear highlights from the hybrid in-person and Zoom evening speaker program: https://democraticwoman.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Jim-Moran-summary-2.mp4 Email Program Coordinator Kathryn at kcasello@democraticwoman.org to request the full recording. 

Food Security and the Environment

Food insecurity currently affects over 690 million people worldwide. While environmental issues are only one cause, they are an important one. Climate change will exacerbate existing problems with our food supply while creating new ones. Drought, flooding, insect pests, and temperature changes destroy crops and harm oceans. As the natural environment changes, climatic zones will … Read more