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We Must Preserve Democracy in Health Policy

Full Democracy in health policy means each life is of equal value and that all health care decisions are made based solely on science and are totally confidential between the patient and his/her physician (or other nationally certified and locally licensed health care provider). No governmental or political or religious entities may interfere in health … Read more

Victory in 2022!

Don’t hang back from political action for goals that need political action now! If you succeed, you’ll have a Victory High making your 2022 and our 2022 a good year! As we approach the anniversary of rioters breaking into our Capital on January 6, 2021, it becomes clear how much worse the mob violence was … Read more

Summit for Democracy Shows that the US Is Again Committed to Contest Authoritarianism at Home and Abroad

Some 110 countries will gather via Zoom this month at a Summit, a series of meetings at the Head of State, official, and civil society levels, to discuss and make commitments to fight corruption, defend against authoritarianism, and advance human rights. The virtual event kicks off a “year of action” during which countries will work … Read more

Virginia Election Recap—Jim Moran

Former Congressman Jim Moran joined WNDC on November 4 to discuss the results of the election in Virginia and the state of the Democratic Party—hear highlights from the hybrid in-person and Zoom evening speaker program: https://democraticwoman.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Jim-Moran-summary-2.mp4 Email Program Coordinator Kathryn at kcasello@democraticwoman.org to request the full recording. 

Food Security and the Environment

Food insecurity currently affects over 690 million people worldwide. While environmental issues are only one cause, they are an important one. Climate change will exacerbate existing problems with our food supply while creating new ones. Drought, flooding, insect pests, and temperature changes destroy crops and harm oceans. As the natural environment changes, climatic zones will … Read more

Senate Republicans Imperil US Foreign Policy to Spite Biden Administration and Further Political Ambitions

Senate Republicans, encouraged by Senators Ted Cruz (Texas) and John Hawley (Missouri) are damaging US credibility abroad and limiting effective diplomatic input into national security debates at home. They are creating clear dangers to US national security. Five new US ambassadors were finally confirmed last week: four former Senators or wives of Senators, grudgingly let … Read more

Should We Bring Back “Shotgun Weddings?”

There is much controversy among anti-abortion advocates re: the rights of the biological father to veto his female partner’s decision to have an abortion. Some nine states are legislating initiatives that would facilitate such laws. In effect, the state would force motherhood upon a pregnant woman. But as of today, none of those states would … Read more

Journalism Is Failing to Meet this Moment

At this moment, the only way to save American democracy is for the press and public spokespeople to be unequivocally clear about the Republican party’s attack on democracy. Instead, we are almost losing the largest assault on our American institutions because the press treats the story in front of us as basically a normal American … Read more

Food Insecurity in the United States—a National Security Problem, a Public Health Crisis, and a Major Obstacle to the 2030 Agenda

Even though the United States of America played a major role in crafting the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in New York in September 2015, less than a decade to 2030, we are like the naked man trying to offer other countries clothes by refusing to lead by example on food security, an … Read more

In Tennessee, the Sperm is Mightier than the Egg

Last week the Tennessee General assembly introduced a bill that would allow any man the right to veto the decision of his female partner to have an abortion. The man would not need to undergo any test to prove his paternity. A simple declaration by the man will be deemed adequate to secure a court … Read more