Global Women–Targeted but Rising

An estimated 4.5 million people worldwide sailed through the streets worldwide for the Women’s March, protesting the inauguration of Donald Trump. The president’s war on women (coincidentally?) began immediately:  Slashing Global Aid:  Major decreases in international aid for… Read More

An End to Conflict between Israel and Palestine: Not So Fast

Peace between Israel and Palestine seems to be a crown jewel locked away in a back room. But is the door shut forever?  Certainly, no negotiations are currently underway. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won the March 17 Israeli election,… Read More

Senator Mikulski Joins National Democratic Institute to Honor Women of Afghanistan

The National Democratic Institute (NDI), joined by Senator Barbara Mikulski, honored the Worker Women Social Organization (WWSO) of Kandahar, Afghanistan, at its annual Madeline Albright Luncheon on May 12. Senator Mikulski, introduced by Secretary Albright, began by stating… Read More

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Speaks at Cooper Union

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in New York for the UN General Assembly, gave an address at Cooper Union College on Monday. The event was sponsored by Churches for Middle East Peace. President Abbas was introduced by Ambassador Warren Clark, executive director… Read More

OSCE’s Michael Link Touts “Relevance” of Alliances in Ukraine Crisis

President Obama is absolutely correct to emphasize building alliances and working to strengthen international organizations to stop ISIS (see “Defeating ISIS—The U.S. Leads a United World,  PPC News 9/11).  It is also correct policy in dealing with the crisis in… Read More

Defeating ISIS—The U.S. Leads a United World

The methods and strategy that will defeat the barbarous Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are necessarily “on another planet” from the ISIS world of bloody beheadings and murderous genocides. It is world of interdependence, multilateral cooperation,… Read More