Woman's National Democratic Club

Members React: The First 100 Days of the Biden–Harris Administration

President Joe Biden reached an important benchmark in his presidency—the first 100 days! Having passed the American Rescue Plan, restored U.S. participation in the Paris Climate Change Accord, revoked the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline, gotten over 100 million COVID-19 vaccines in arms, pushing Congress to pass stimulus checks, endorsing the George Floyd Justice in … Read more

Congratulations to Kamala Harris, our Democratic Candidate for Vice President!

Last night, US Senator Kamala Harris accepted her nomination as the Democratic candidate for Vice President of the United States of America.  Senator Harris fights for communities, she fights for equality, she fights for justice—and she does it with strategy and dedication. Nearing our centenary of progressive women’s activism, the Woman’s National Democratic Club is thrilled … Read more

What does Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Look Like in a Democratic Administration?

As we celebrate the Biden/Harris 2020 ticket, please join the Woman’s National Democratic Club and the OfthePeople46 co-authors for a virtual dialogue on belonging and DEI in a Democratic Administration, a moderated conversation with former political appointees and noted experts in civil rights and DEI. (Chatham House Rules). Panelists include DEI experts from the Obama … Read more

The Mueller Report Unpacked — Part 2: Making Sense of the SCO’s Conspiracy Findings

By Tracy Weiss, Co-chair, Foreign Policy Task Force, WNDC Committee on Public Policy and Political Action OVERVIEW As detailed in Part 1 of this WNDC Special Report, the Special Counsel’s Office (SCO)1 found that Russia conducted a multi-pronged attack—designed to benefit candidate Trump and hurt candidate Clinton—against the 2016 Election. Specifically, Russia’s IRA operated a … Read more

The Mueller Report Unpacked — Part 1: An Emerging Theme of Donald Trump’s Presidency and Russia’s Attack on the 2016 Presidential Election

OVERVIEW I am in the process of reading the entire redacted Special Counsel Office’s (SCO) Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference1 in the 2016 Presidential Election (Report). I will break my analysis into three successive parts: part one follows below and focuses on Russia’s attack on the 2016 Election and related unanswered questions; next … Read more

Was There Ever A Meritocracy: Thoughts on a Scandal

Lying, cheating, bribery, fraud, money laundering. No, not allegations against the current administration but accusations against about 50 people who have been charged with “conspiracy counts of racketeering “ in the college admissions scandal. These folks were using a so-called “side door” to get their children enrolled in several prominent colleges. Following a pied-piper of sorts … Read more

Government Shutdown: Short- and Long-term Effects

Although we avoided another government shutdown, we remain painfully aware of the economic impact the month-long shutdown has had on the 800,000+ government workers, contractors, and their families. The fact that this all began on the heels of the Christmas holiday seemed particularly callous. What many thought would amount to a few extra days off work, instead stretched … Read more

WNDC Statement: Carnage at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh

Members of the Woman’s National Democratic Club are outraged and sickened over Saturday’s horrific slaughter of our fellow human beings during Jewish Shabbat services. We are witnessing yet another mass shooting rampage brought about by a lethal combination: hate and an obscene and easy access to military-style weapons. An assassin’s act of hate-fueled violence has … Read more

What Has Been the Impact of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law on the Homicide Rate? New Analysis Shows Starkly Increased Bloodshed

Last week the Center for American Progress Action Fund released an analysis showing that approximately 4,200 people have been killed by guns and that these murders were a “direct result of its ‘stand your ground” law passed in 2005.”  This represents a 31.6% increase in the homicide rate and an increase of 8% over the … Read more