Member Committees

The Building and Grounds Committee has responsibility for all building systems (heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, kitchen equipment, etc.), the building exterior (roof, gutters, masonry, windows, etc.) and the gardens.

The Communications Committee is responsible for promoting the message and activities of the club in print, electronically and through social media. The Committee Chair is also responsible for coordinating with media outlets.

The Development Committee is responsible for all fundraising activities including soliciting and securing donations for the Club.

The Human Resources Committee is responsible for the Employees’ Handbook and for completion of all employment-related forms and annual reviews, oversees the Internship program, and manages employee benefits in coordination with the Treasurer.

The Get Out the Vote Committee works to educate and motivate voters to support Democratic candidates and policies.

The Membership Committee represents the interests of the membership at large. The Committee is also responsible for creating and preserving the sense of community, while simultaneously growing and retaining the membership.

The Program Committee plans and arranges all the regular events and programs at the WNDC.

The Public Liaison Committee is responsible for developing and nurturing relationships with Democratic Party organizations, the legislative branches of government and with like-minded progressive organizations.

The Public Policy and Political Action Committee is the political arm of the WNDC. The Committee is responsible for developing and advocating for public policy positions on local, national, and international issues through its numerous Task Forces.

The Visual Arts and Museum Affairs (VAMA) Committee is responsible for the furnishings, the visual and decorative arts collection; decides where and how the permanent collection will be installed in order to safely and securely exhibit our most valuable works for members and visitors; and manages the restoration and preservation of the Whittemore House. The exhibition curator, who is a member of VAMA, is responsible for organizing the art exhibitions on the first and second floor galleries.