Woman's National Democratic Club

Congratulations to Kamala Harris, our Democratic Candidate for Vice President!

Last night, US Senator Kamala Harris accepted her nomination as the Democratic candidate for Vice President of the United States of America.  Senator Harris fights for communities, she fights for equality, she fights for justice—and she does it with strategy and dedication.

Nearing our centenary of progressive women’s activism, the Woman’s National Democratic Club is thrilled to be part of yet another historic moment in the struggle to build a more perfect union. We are proud to support Senator Harris as the vice presidential candidate. 

From creating a Bureau of Children’s Justice in the California Department of Justice, to spearheading implicit bias training for law enforcement officers statewide, to asking key oversight questions of Supreme Court nominees, she has repeatedly demonstrated the skills and experience necessary for strong, wise leadership. 

We look forward to working for the Biden/Harris ticket, and to building with their new administration that more perfect union.

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