Woman's National Democratic Club


Each year we recognize our staff members by contributing GENEROUSLY to the Employee Benefit Fund (EBF). Our staff currently consists of six full-time employees and other part-time employees and consultants who will each receive their share from this fund. These gifts will be distributed to them on December 11 at the staff holiday party.

Each employee has shown unstinting dedication and commitment to ensure that the kitchen fires are kept burning, that the newsletter keeps getting printed, and that Zoom programming, website development, and garden lunches continue. We are still liaising with potential clients for private events, welcoming film crews to the Club, and hosting a few socially-distanced Club events like debate and election night watch parties and member happy hours.

Over the last few months, we have gradually opened the house for lunch (Tuesday to Friday), the occasional happy hour, and special occasions (such as election night), maintaining the city mandate that we have  50 or fewer masked people (who stay 6 feet apart from each other) in house at any one time. Now you may attend presentations via Zoom, and other occasions either in person or virtually.


Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. We are worried about the economic wellbeing of our employees. 

If each member of the Club donates $50, we can meet payroll and health benefits for two weeks. If each member gave on average $100, we could meet payroll for a month, including health benefits. We understand and respect that not every member is in a position to do this, so please give as generously as you are able as we strive to protect our valued employees and our fiscal standing as well. 

Thank you for your generosity.