Educational Programs

In 2011, the Foundation purchased a modernized audiovisual system providing capability for computer-based presentations and supertext for increased accessibility for audience members who are hearing-challenged.

Student Programs

The EF currently conducts ongoing programs with District of Columbia Schools.

Its Young Woman’s Leadership Program (YWLP) strives to interest high school juniors in public affairs and public service.  A small group of promising young women is selected each year from The School Without Walls to come to the clubhouse for specially arranged, nonpartisan discussions of vital public issues. They are also invited to occasional speaker programs of relevance to their studies.

Through the Partners in Educational program developed by the District of Columbia Department of Education, the EF adopted the Neval Thomas Elementary School. The foundation raised funds for holiday celebrations and helped to fund a professional tutor at Neval Thomas.

Responding to a 2011 Washington Post article, we raised more than $2,800 in funds and boxes of good quality books suitable for high school students to help supply the new library of DC’s Ballou High School.

In 2012, the EF took on an ambitious new endeavor. We developed a program “Village Volunteers,” to tutor DC public school students here at the Club on a weekly basis beginning fall 2012. We were seeking at least 40 members to participate in seminars conducted by literacy consultants to sharpen their tutoring skills and learn the best practices for enhancing students’ literacy skills. The program would target students and schools from neighborhoods in greatest need for a weekly, one-hour tutoring session.

We began a cooperative program with a DC organization For Love of Children (FLOC) and the WNDC to provide weekly tutoring for middle school and high school students from DC public schools at WNDC. This program offers volunteer opportunities for WNDC members and others.