The Ruth Nadel Award

An award named in honor of a beloved WNDC member who helped to create the YWLP, Ruth Nadel, is given annually to an alumna of the Program to help defray the cost of the higher education.

In the Young Woman’s Leadership Project, juniors from our partner School Without Walls attend several WNDC events and can apply for Nadel Awards in their senior year.  This effective program depends on your tax-deductable contributions.  Please consider supporting it by making a check out to the WNDC Educational Foundation, designated for the Ruth G. Nadel Young Woman’s Leadership Project and send it to Patricia Fitzgerald at the Club.

Ruth Nadel Award 2013Winners this year

Two seniors from DC’s public School Without Walls received Ruth G. Nadel Leadership Awards this year. Ruth presented a check for $1000 to Hulaimatu Jalloh, the first place winner at the evening event on May 23, 2013. Grace Baker, the runner-up, was unable to be there, but received $500. Hulai plans to attend Princeton, major in biology, and go on to medical school; Grace plans to attend the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, major in political science and come back to Washington to participate in political activities here.

Hulai and Grace were participants in the Young Woman’s Leadership Project, WNDC’s partnership with the school. Michael Beidler, Educational Foundation President, introduced the winner, her father, and Rachel Blessing, the history teacher from Walls who coordinates the YWLP for the school.