Erica Payne

erica payneErica Payne

The Art of Political Messaging:
Why Throwing Granny Off A Cliff Is (Sometimes) A Really Good Idea

Thursday, July 14, 2016

EVENT TYPE: Speaker Luncheon

One of the top communications strategist on the Left, Payne is the Founder of the Agenda Project and the Chief Strategist for the Patriotic Millionaires. In these roles she has created some of the most powerful political messaging of the last decade, generating millions of dollars’ worth of earned media for core progressive values. She will share her secrets for breaking through the noise in this historical election year. 

A fearless advocate for economic justice, Erica has appeared on dozens of media outlets from NBC to Fox News. She is the author of The Practical Progressive: How to Build a 21st Century Political Movement which Jonathan Alter of Newsweek called “a blueprint for a progressive conspiracy to help save the country.” She is the co-editor with Dr. Rob Johnson of ‘Make Markets Be Markets,’ an in-depth analysis of financial regulation and the U.S. banking system.

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