Gentle Vinyasa Yoga Series

 Gentle Vinyasa Yoga Series

March 6 – April 10, 2017

TIME: 6:00—7:00 PM

EVENT TYPE: Yoga Class

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Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid integration of breath and movement designed to awaken your inner strength, cultivate balance, and connect you with greater consciousness from within. Through meditation, breathwork, and gentle flowing sequences, expect an accessible mixed level practice that will both challenge and meet you where you are. Be prepared to build your practice in a safe environment with humor and ease. Come on in. The water is fine.

Dahlia Shaaban is a DC-based teacher, speaker, and coach in yoga and nutrition. Before launching her integrative health practice, she began her career in Middle East conflict resolution, serving in the Iraq Program at the U.S Institute of Peace. “Live Deliciously” is her unique method designed to help busy professionals create healthy eating and lifestyle habits, even with the craziest of schedules.

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PRICE: Individual classes are $10 per person.
All 12 classes are $100 per person.



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