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Get Out The Vote

The WNDC Strategy for 2021

The GOTV task force will focus on three main political goals for this year. These are:

1.Winning the 2021 special federal-level elections/defending our Democratic Congressional majorities.

2.Defeating voter suppression at state levels/supporting democracy promotion at federal level and the impeachment process.

3.Winning the Virginia governorship and state legislature (especially state senate). We’ll also participate in others’ initiatives to promote DC statehood, support the Biden administration and women political leaders, as well as join civic education efforts as possible. In doing all of this, we’ll also be thinking about how to build WNDC as an institution as we enter our centenary year. This includes developing a robust social media strategy, converting our wonderful activists into powerhouse members of WNDC, and expanding our informed and committed activist community.

The State Of Our Target States

State of the State

Learn about our GOTV Strategy to win key seats in our priority states.
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What else can I do?

What Else Can I do?

Effective, but easy, actions you can take on your own now… to be happy in November!
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WNDC Winning Wednesdays

Winning Wednesday

Join the WNDC to reach out to voters, meet fellow Democrats, and have a little fun and a BIG impact!
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Election Activity Calendar

Election Calendar

Find out what's happening at WNDC.