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WNDC’s 2020 strategy

WNDC is excited about our plans for 2020. 

We will fight hard to regain the presidency as well flip the Senate. Both are crucial. Did you know a quarter of our circuit court judges are Trump nominees?

To do so, thanks to input from the WNDC membership, we have identified key 6 states to work in: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, North Carolina and Texas. These are states crucial to winning the presidency and Senate. They also have great down-ballot opportunities. Check out our State of the State Strategy. 

WNDC cannot support candidates before they win their primaries. But there’s much we can do! With our partners, the DSCC, and state Democratic parties, we will register and rally voters as well as raise early money for the eventual candidates. After the primaries, we will coordinate with campaigns to identify areas we can best support them. 

Later in the year, we also will take on a few House races to defend glorious women elected to the House in 2018. 

Join this work! Come to Winning Wednesdays on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, from 6-8 pm, when we fill our house with energetic activists writing, calling, and texting voters. If you can’t join us for Winning Wednesdays, see below for other ways to get involved with WNDC.

State Of The State

Learn about our GOTV Strategy to win key seats in our priority states.

Who's on your primary ballot?

Meet the candidates in the upcoming DMV primary elections.

Take action now!

Take action now!

Join other activists working on Winning Wednesdays!
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If not now, when?

If not now, when?

Effective, but easy, actions you can take on your own now… to be happy in November!
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