Get Out The Vote

Get out the Vote

The WNDC GOTV Task Force provides support and gets out the vote for Democratic candidates across the country. The 2019 and 2020 elections may be  the most important in our lifetimes, so we at the WNDC are back to work to continue the momentum of the Blue Wave Join us today to help win back our country!

Our Fall 2019 Get Out the Vote work will focus heavily on state elections in Virginia and Kentucky.

Why Virginia?

The Virginia elections are happening in our own neighborhood; but that’s not the only reason we’re all in on flipping it blue. We need to pick up just two seats in the State Senate and two in the State House to gain Democratic Control of the Virginia General Assembly. Here’s what’s at stake:

These are the last elections before the state government redraws Congressional and state legislative districts after the 2020 Census. If Democrats win the State House and State Senate they will have a trifecta and full control of Virginia’s government during redistricting. That would decisively halt the racial gerrymandering Republicans have been engineering so effectively.

Virginia’s General Assembly has steadfastly refused to take action to address gun violence in the state, despite common sense gun reform support from the majority of Virginians. Though we found a moment of hope in June 2019, when they converend a special session to address gun violence prevention, the Republican Speaker adjourned the session after just 90 minutes.   There was no discussion on the floor. When Democrats regain control, we can act to protect lives.

The Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution would outlaw discrimination based on sex.In doing so, it would provide Congress with firmer grounds to pass anti-discrimination laws as well as provide lawsuits more strength in the courts. With reproductive rights under fresh assault, women cannot wait any longer for  the protections guaranteed by the ERA.

Virginia has some of the most restrictive voter laws in the country, including stringent voter ID laws, prohibitively difficult absentee voting rules, and a ban on voting rights for people once convicted of a felony. These laws hit communities that face systemic barriers to democratic participation the hardest.

The WNDC will focus its efforts on 6 candidates in the VA elections

2 races for the State Senate that can be flipped from red to blue

2 races for the State House where Democrats need to protect their seats. 

2 races for the State House that can be won from Republican candidates.

Learn more about our candidates

Why kentucky?

Kentucky’s gubernatorial election this November is listed as one of the top races to watch in 2019 and 2020. The Democratic Beshear/Coleman ticket has a chance of winning in a deeply red state, which will send  a strong message ahead of the 2020 Presidential election. In helping Kentucky voters register and get to the polls for their state lawmakers this year, we will create momentum to carry us to the 2020 Senatorial Elections– when we finally get rid of Moscow Mitch!


  • Donate to the Virginia slate of candidates
  • Donate to the Kentucky gubernatorial race
  • Join us for Winning Wednesdays
  • Contribute to the WNDC’s GOTV efforts” by donating to the WNDC or buying stamps (Stamp donations should be mailed/delivered and addressed to Winning Wednesdays, 1526 New Hampshire Avenue, Washington DC 20036)