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The WNDC Winning Strategy for 2020

Momentum for change is growing, and never have the stakes been higher. Join us now for the get out the vote work….and again for election celebrations in November!  What’s our strategy? More than a quarter of our judicial seats now are occupied by Trump appointees. This means that, whatever way the White House goes, we must win the Senate.  We can do that. Our strategy focuses on six key states: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, North Carolina, and Texas.

2020 GOTV map

These are states where Senate races are winnable and necessary. They’re also presidential battleground states, and, not surprisingly, most are also where GOP-led voter suppression is rampant.  As we take back Senate and White House, we’ll also defend the Democratic-led House of Representatives by supporting dynamic women House candidates in key races. Here’s how you can be part of all this:
•  Join our online Winning Wednesdays on the Web, from 6:00-8:00 pm, when you can gather with other fired-up activists to hear quick expert election updates and then participate in a range of GOTV activities.
•  Check out the Election Calendar and our suggestions for what you can do in between Wednesdays, to mobilize friends and family, register and contact voters, and support fantastic candidates.

The State Of Our Target States

State of the State

Learn about our GOTV Strategy to win key seats in our priority states.
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What else can I do?

What Else Can I do?

Effective, but easy, actions you can take on your own now… to be happy in November!
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WNDC Winning Wednesdays

Winning Wednesday

Join the WNDC to reach out to voters, meet fellow Democrats, and have a little fun and a BIG impact!
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Election Activity Calendar

Election Calendar

Find out what's happening at WNDC.