Help Save the Affordable Care Act

Help Save the Affordable Care Act

January 16, 2017

Help Save the Affordable Care Act (from Senator Chris Van Hollen-D-MD)

Donald Trump and the Congressional Republicans have already taken the first step toward destroying the Affordable Care Act and creating chaos in the health care system. We must stop them! To do so, we need at least 3 REPUBLICAN SENATORS to join the 48 members of the Democratic Caucus to block repeal.

Contact all your family, friends, and colleagues who live in states with Republican senators and urge them to let their senators know that they will hold them accountable if they take away our health care and ruin our health care system. Here is a list of Republican Senators and the most important arguments:

List of Republican Senators 2017 (1).  U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121