Woman's National Democratic Club

What Else Can I Do?


Register voters

Helping register voters is proven to be the most effective way to get people to turn out on Election Day:
  • The WNDC Educational Foundation has developed a user-friendly voting toolkit, www.yourvoicematters.vote, compiling information on the most common voting questions, and the most useful tools to engage people in this year’s important elections. Please use, share, and promote this free resource with the people in your life.
  • Send an email to your networks urging them to check their registration status through Vote.org. This organization helps people register and follows up by texting reminders as Election Day gets closer.
  • Send an email or text to the young people in your life (13-17 year olds) encouraging them to take the Vote.org pledge to register. They’ll be asked for their first name, birth date, and phone number, and Vote.org will text them on their 18th birthday to help them register to vote.
  • Send letters to unregistered voters, urging them to register and vote. Vote Forward will send you a research-tested letter template as well as addresses of likely Democrats in key districts. You can do this on your own or with your household (though you have to pay for printing and postage).

Talk to other voters using these talking points – and invite them to join you in activism

  • Democrats have new momentum! But it’s up to us to keep it going.
    • Redistricting is better than 2020 and better than expected in most cases.
    • People are mobilizing around issues in new ways and large numbers: gun violence prevention, abortion rights, student debt forgiveness.
    • Dems have accomplished a lot that’s not been fully reported:
      • reduced jobless claims from 6.3% to 3.9%
      • appointments of well-qualified people to key Administration positions
      • $1.2 Trillion package passed for desperately-needed Roads/Bridges/Broadband Internet
      • halt on federal executions
      • rejoined Paris Climate Accord and moving toward clean energy
      • confirmed more – and more diverse – federal judges in his first year than any president in 4 decades
  • Many businesses are joining the fight to protect democracy. Leadership Now is a coalition of businesses pressing to defund campaigns of election objectors and make voting and civic engagement easier for employees.
  • The GOP is doing everything it can to undermine our democracy. They’re recruiting election workers to challenge voters and the voting process; they’ve got legions of lawyers ready to litigate the elections; they’re shifting certification of election results from non-partisan bodies to (partisan) state legislatures; and they’re pressuring election officials to commit fraud.
  • The youth vote is critical. More young people identify as Democrats than as Republicans, and study after study shows that when someone starts voting early in life, it becomes a lifelong habit.