Iowa Caucus Showed Trump Victory Not Inevitable

Until the Iowa primary, all eyes in the Republican camp seemed to be on Donald Trump. But Republican voters didn’t hand Mr. Humble the victory he assumed was his. With Ted Cruz winning with 27.6% and Marco Rubio celebrating his unexpected 23.1% third-place showing, The Donald nursed his wounded ego after his second-place 24.3% showing in typical fashion: “Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa; he stole it.”

Meanwhile, the leading Democratic candidates finished in a virtual tie, with 49.9% for Hillary Rodham Clinton and 49.6% for Bernie Sanders. Among the 18% of voters aged 17 to 29, Sanders won a whopping 84%, while Clinton won the support of 60% of voters over 45. Sanders won the 28% of voters who described themselves as very liberal by 19 points, while Clinton had a 23-point lead with the 28% who identified themselves as moderates.

Although the New Hampshire primary handed Trump an impressive victory, all Republicans and both Democrats will have to work hard to turn out their base and to expand beyond it as they head into the next series of primaries.

Gail Gottlieb
Public Policy Committee

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