Woman's National Democratic Club

Joint Letter to Senate on Supreme Court Appointment

Yesterday, the Woman’s National Democratic Club co-signed a letter to US Senate leadership and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee urging them “against rushing through the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court in the midst of an ongoing national election.”

“The Supreme Court already includes four justices who have publicly indicated an eagerness to expand the meaning of the Second Amendment in a way that is at odds with over two hundred years of American jurisprudence and long traditions of gun regulations, contradicts the meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment, and could significantly undermine gun safety laws enacted by democratically-elected legislatures across the country. This unsupported interpretation of the Constitution is not only at odds with the Framers’ vision, but with the overwhelming majority of American people who want elected officials to enact evidence-based gun safety laws to address the gun violence public health crisis. Therefore, we fear that rushing this nomination would force a dangerous “guns everywhere” agenda on the country — an agenda that your constituents have repeatedly rejected at the ballot box.”

Brady spearheaded this message, which was co-signed by 34 organizations. Read the full letter here: bit.ly/we-dissent-gvp.

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