Woman's National Democratic Club

Kalindi Winfield

Kalindi Winfield, is a Senior Associate at GBAO Strategies, a leading Democratic strategy and polling firm. Her research has led to numerous successful ballot initiative outcomes, shed new light on the Asian American vote, driven campaign strategy for AAPI and southern candidates, and assisted labor unions advocating on behalf of janitors, health and home care workers, public workers, teachers, and other service industry employees. Kalindi’s international work includes polling in Venezuela, Yemen, Israel, Ireland, and Estonia. She has previously worked at the Natural Resources Defense Council, J Street and has twice helped elect Oregon Governor Kate Brown. Kalindi also worked for two cycles at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.   In 2018, she ran a congressional primary campaign in Georgia for the first candidate to run on a federal jobs guarantee – an improvement on FDR’s New Deal committed to racial justice and a public green infrastructure.

Kalindi holds a bachelor’s degree from Yale University, master’s degree in world history from Columbia University, and master’s degree in international history from the London School of Economics and Political Science.