Woman's National Democratic Club

Krugman On Point

In a recent New York Times opinion piece, Paul Krugman makes a point that cannot be over emphasized: “if Kavanaugh is confirmed, we will be trying to navigate a turbulent era in American politics with a Supreme Court in which two seats were effectively stolen. First Republicans refused even to give President Barack Obama’s nominee so much as a hearing; then they will have filled two positions with nominees chosen by a President who lost the popular vote and eked out an Electoral College win only with aid from a hostile foreign power”

(“Kavanaugh Will Kill the Constitution” 9/6/18). In Krugman’s view, there is every indication that Kavanaugh and his fellow justices will abuse their power at every level.  The movement to an authoritarian America will get a big push forward by the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

The media show no signs that they will be helpful in countering this authoritarian drive. They   are already in gear to return to the framework for reporting they are comfortable with, namely that everything is all – and only – about partisan politics, phrased in Trump terms of  “winners and losers.” They have been highlighting that the Democratic Senators in the confirmation hearings should only be seen as potential Presidential candidates. Analysis of what they are actually saying is minor background noise.

–Elizabeth Spiro Clark, Vice President, Public Policy and Political Action