Candidate Watch Arizona

Candidate Watch Arizona

AZ-08: Hiral Tipirneni

Keep the momentum going! Turn an Arizona seat blue in the April 24th special election!

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social-share-hiral-optimalPhysician and activist Dr. Hiral Tipirneni is in the final days of her campaign to take a normally solidly Red congressional seat — the one held by Rep. Trent Franks for 15 years until he was forced to resign in a #MeToo moment in December. Let’s help her do this!

Dr. Tipirneni is an emergency room physician who also became a cancer research advocate when her mother and nephew died of the disease. She takes her role in the community seriously, having served on several NGO boards and led a TEDx event on positive solutions for development of Arizona’s Northwest Valley. She champions an evidence-based approach to issues, which has led her to positions on the need for universal healthcare, against building a wall with Mexico, and for common sense gun safety laws. As a physician, she listens carefully, which is why she knows she can represent her district well. Emily’s List, Indivisible, Gabby Giffords, and others have endorsed her.

Dr. Tipirneni is running against Republican State Representative Debbie Lasko, who supports the wall with Mexico and has voted for state budgets with deep cuts to public education. In recent weeks, pundits have changed the race from “solidly Republican” to “likely Republican” and GOP leaders such as Paul Ryan have started stumping for Lasko. It’s still a tough race.

We can help put this strong, intelligent woman in the House!


AZ-02: Ann Kirkpatrick

Experienced Legislator for Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District

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ann kirkpatrickAttorney Ann Kirkpatrick is the Democratic candidate running to fill this open seat, left vacant when Republican Martha McSally resigned to run for the Senate. The 2nd District is a swing district; it was one of the 25 Republican-held Congressional districts nationwide that Clinton won in 2016, and it is among the DCCC’s top targets in 2018. Raters Cook, Sabato, and Inside Elections consider the 2nd to “lean” or “tilt” Democratic.  WNDC, let’s help put Kirkpatrick over the top in this district, which is widely considered key to taking back the House in 2018.

Kirkpatrick was elected to Congress in 2008 and re-elected in 2012 and 2014, representing the areas in the southern part of the state near Tucson, before resigning in 2016 to run for the Senate. She’s endorsed by over 40 organizations and individuals, including Emily’s List, NOW, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, NARAL, Giffords Courage to Fight Gun Violence, Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly, and many unions.

Kirkpatrick’s Republican opponent, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President Lea Marquez Peterson, has said that her only policy difference with Trump is on trade, and that she separates “the man” from his policies. She even defended as “not racist” Trump’s notorious statement comparing immigrants to animals. Given this, she can be expected to be a full-on Trump/Republican team player if she wins the 2nd. As we get closer to November, expect the Republicans and their Super PACS to amp up their spending to try keep the 2nd red. Let’s help Kirkpatrick and the DCCC give the Republicans the fight of their lives. We encourage you to learn about Kirkpatrick at her campaign website