Candidate Watch Georgia

Candidate Watch Georgia

GA-06: Lucy McBath

Lucy McBath for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District!

Lucy McBath is the Democratic candidate running against incumbent Republican Karen Handel to represent Georgia’s 6th District. This district, composed of the northern suburbs of Atlanta, is considered by rater Cook to be competitive. The DCCC just added it to their “Red to Blue” program. Although raters Sabato and Gonzales consider the district “likely” Republican, with 2 months until the election, much can change. Regardless of outcome, Democrats should support good candidates like McBath in even likely Republican districts. We can’t let one district go without a fight, and without making Republicans use up their resources defending every seat.

McBath is a gun control activist whose teenage son was a victim of senseless gun violence in 2012. Her issues include, among others, gun safety, healthcare, women’s issues, and jobs and the economy. The daughter of a former president of the NAACP’s Illinois branch, McBath’s life has been defined from the start by the fight for civil rights and social justice.  Before becoming a full-time activist and Democratic party operative in Georgia, she had a 30-year career with Delta Airlines.

Handel has proven herself to be a reliable lackey for Trump and the Republicans, fully supporting their radical agenda and voting with the Trump position over 98% of the time. The Republicans will spend any amount to keep the 6th red. Let’s make them spend it.