Candidate Watch Indiana

Candidate Watch Indiana

IN-9: Liz Watson

Liz Watson for Indiana’s 9th Congressional District!

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liz watson2Liz Watson is taking on Republican incumbent Trey Hollingsworth in a bid to turn Indiana’s 9th district blue. She’s a progressive candidate in an area where Democrats usually run moderate candidates, and is predictably shaking things up. “Liz Watson is running on a bold agenda and a record of experience actually crafting policy that is making a difference in the lives of working families,” said Joe Dinkin, spokesman for the Working Families Party, which endorsed her. “She is going to prove that that is the way to win in a Republican district.” In addition to these progressive groups, she’s won the backing of more mainstream organizations including Emily’s List and NOW.

There’s strong hope that she can put together voters from some of the academic communities in her district as well as people of color and union representatives. As recently as 2008, this was a Democratic seat, and the Republican incumbent significantly underperformed President Trump in the district, winning by only 14% where Trump carried the district by 27 points.

Liz returned to her native Indiana after years of progressive legal work in the Washington, DC, area, including supporting victims of domestic violence and providing advice to help pass Maryland’s paid family leave and gender pay parity acts. She’ll bring that vision of equality not only to her district but also to the US.