Candidate Watch Iowa

Candidate Watch Iowa

IA-3: Cindy Axne

New Toss Up Race: Cindy Axne Gears Up for a Very Competitive Race in Iowa’s 3rd District     

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cindy axneCindy Axne’s Congressional campaign moved up to a nail-biting “Toss Up” race in Iowa’s 3rd District, according to the Cook Political Report. She’s facing Republican Rep. David Young, a two-term incumbent, but early polling shows Axne leading Young by four points. She’s now listed on the DCCC’s national Red to Blue program to flip House seats. Let WNDC members get her to the Congress!

As a first-time Congressional candidate and small business owner, Cindy launched her campaign in Des Moines for working families who face the same problems that she faced in getting affordable, comprehensive health insurance for her family. Her campaign goal is to protect and expand all Iowans’ access to health insurance. While she served the state of Iowa for nearly a decade, Cindy mastered business and managerial skills that make her perfect for the job in Washington. Her campaign issues range from: protecting pubic education, especially kindergarten; growing rural economies and protecting farmers to women’s reproductive rights and renewable energy, upon others. Endorsements are many, including The Des Moines Register, NARAL, Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, unions, local and state government officials, and others.

Young’s support of President Donald Trump will hurt him in this contest, especially as Trump’s tariffs cause soybean and corn prices to decline further. Axne, a fifth-generation Iowan with farm roots in Warren County, said she isn’t counting on an anti-Republican wave to sweep Democrats into public office. Instead, she plans to travel throughout the 3rd District meeting voters and shaking hands. If Cindy Axne wins in November, she will be the first female House member to represent Iowa. Let’s support this Democratic candidate!

IA-1: Abby Finkenauer

Abby Finkenauer for Iowa’s 1st Congressional District!

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Abby finkenauerAbby Finkenauer is the Democratic candidate challenging Republican incumbent Rod Blum of Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. The DCCC has targeted the 1st District, and pollsters Cook, Sabato, and Inside Elections consider the district to be a toss-up. This is a super opportunity for the Democrats, and WNDC can help!

Finkenauer, 29, is the Iowa state legislator representing Dubuque. She was born and raised in a working class family in Dubuque County, and much of her state legislative work has been on pro-labor issues. She’s also been involved in battles over women’s health, including fighting Iowa’s notorious “fetal heartbeat” abortion ban, the most restrictive anti-choice law in the country. Besides labor issues and women’s health, her other issues include jobs; support for farmers; student loan reform; expanding the Affordable Care Act; and clean energy and the environment. She is endorsed by, among others, Emily’s List; NARAL; numerous current and former officeholders, including former Vice-President Biden; and many unions.

Blum is a Tea-Party Republican and a member of the ultraconservative Freedom Caucus. He has embraced Trump’s policies, voting with Trump’s position over 90 percent of the time. A significant number of Blum’s constituents have vociferously opposed some of his votes, such as his vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The district may be ripe for turning back to blue, and Finkenauer is well-positioned to capitalize on voter discontent with Blum and to promote her own vision for the district.