Candidate Watch Kansas

Candidate Watch Kansas

KS-03: Sharice Davids

Tipping Point Race: Sharice Davids in Kansas’ 3rd District  


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Kansans have an exciting opportunity to make history, and we can help! This November, Sharice Davids could become the first lesbian Native American elected to Congress. Daughter of a single mother, she went on to become a lawyer and a White House fellow. While doing this, she picked up the martial arts skills to compete in professional tournaments. Adding to her fierce resume, Sharice Davids frequently shows how she fights for others. She launched a podcast that features entrepreneurs who break the mold, and is one herself, having started a coffee company “indigenous from the ground to the cup.”

There’s no denying that Sharice has the skills and will to take on five-term incumbent Kevin Yoder. She has the opportunity to succeed, as well. Yoder won an endorsement tweet from Trump, thanking him for his work to attain $5 billion for border security. This tweet may not stand Yoder in good stead. Trump is very unpopular in this wealthy, well-educated district.

“I have a lived experience that we need to see more of on all kinds of fronts, from having started off with an associate’s [degree] at a community college to being raised by a single mom, being a first generation college student,” Sharice notes. “These things are not at all out of the ordinary for a lot of people in this country, but they are very out of the ordinary for the people who represent us in Congress.” Join us in supporting this talented, experienced candidate by donating to ActBlue.