Candidate Watch Michigan

Candidate Watch Michigan

MI-08: Elissa Slotkin

Elissa Slotkin, committed internationalist for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District!

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Elissa Slotkin says she is running for Congress in Michigan’s 8th District because: “I believe our politics must change. I think 2018 can be the year in which, together, we will re-establish our politics for the better by returning the core principles of civility and problem-solving back to government to get results.”

Elissa is a third-generation Michigander who spent her early life on a farm in Holly, Michigan. Her great-grandfather arrived on Ellis Island and founded the family meat business, Hygrade Foods, in Detroit in 1949.  Slotkin served as Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense under the Obama Administration where she advised on security strategy and policy issues related to Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. In this capacity she played a leading role designing the counter-ISIS strategy.  She returned to live in Holly, Michigan where she runs a small consulting business. Her husband Dave Moore retired as a Colonel after 30 years in the U.S. Army.

Her campaign has a strong grassroots focus including more than 50 community meetings. She has learned that folks in her District do not feel that Washington cares. For them, the American middle class is under direct threat due to stagnant wages and the rising cost of everything. Elissa wants to change this. She will fight for affordable education and health care, protection of the environment, and infrastructure improvements as well as economic opportunities for the District.  Let’s help get this committed internationalist in the House!

MI-11: Haley Stevens

A “Top Ten to Watch” Race: Haley Stevens for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District

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hailey stevensFormer Obama Administration official and leader in advance manufacturing, Haley Stevens is running in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District for a seat left open by retiring Republican incumbent David Trott. She’s got a great shot, even though the 11th has mostly voted Republican in the past. Trump beat Clinton by only 4 points there in 2016. Handicappers are calling this a “toss-up” or even leaning Democratic. It’s on the DCCC’s 2018 “Red to Blue” list and Time Magazine’s list of Top Ten races to watch. WNDC, let’s help Haley Stevens bring back the House!

The daughter of a CEO (mom) and public school teacher (dad) who earlier started a small business together, Stevens knows what it takes to work hard and make a difference. Stevens served as chief of staff for the Treasury Department’s Auto Task Force and policy advisor to the Economic Development Administration. She played an essential role in restoring the financial stability of the auto industry and helped save over 200,000 Michigan jobs during the recession. Further, her work helped save General Motors and Chrysler in 2009 by assisting with the arrangements for financing and a structured bankruptcy plan. More recently, Stevens led a national workforce development program, created the country’s first online certification program for digital manufacturing, and launched a STEM education initiative for middle and high school students.

Republican nominee Lena Epstein, a strong Trump supporter, helped engineer his 2016 upset in Michigan. Two women now compete for this toss-up seat! The contrast between these two women is startling and the choice is clear. But the Republicans will fight to the finish. Candidate Stevens is running to increase economic opportunity for Michigan citizens, as well as to create more good-paying jobs for all and more equitable paying ones for women. She is a strong proponent of access and quality health care for all, and reproductive freedom for all women. Endorsements are many, including Hillary Clinton as well as former Obama Administration official Cecelia Munoz, former MI Congressional representative David Bonior, the Teamsters, Emily’s List, and the Detroit Free Press. Haley Stevens is a winner! We encourage WNDC members to learn more about her at her campaign website: and to donate via WNDC ACTBLUE.