Candidate Watch Minnesota

Candidate Watch Minnesota

MN-02: Angie Craig

Tipping point race: Savvy business leader Angie Craig takes on second most vulnerable GOP incumbent in MN

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angieAngie Craig has been a leader in the Minnesota business community, as well as a powerful advocate for marriage equality in the state. She and her wife are proud to have raised their four sons in Minnesota. She wants to take these values of family, community, and caring for each other to the Congress. If she wins election, she will be Minnesota’s first openly gay Member of Congress.

Craig is a former journalist and healthcare leader who was raised by a single mother in a mobile home park. Her family struggled to pay healthcare bills, and Angie worked two jobs to pay her way through college. She went on to lead a workforce of 16,000 employees at a major Minnesota manufacturer. She says: “I’ve been a soccer mom, a baseball mom, a football mom, a band mom, and more. I’ve also been a working mother.” She’s got the skills and she’s got the will!

Craig is running against Jason Lewis, a Republican extremist who won this swing seat against Craig in 2016 by less than two points. A former radio talk show host, Lewis is known as ‘MN’s Mini Trump,’ although he occasionally has come out against Trump. Lewis is considered the second most vulnerable Member of the Congress.

The Second District is south of the Twin Cities and is primarily suburban. It is a true purple district: it just barely went for Obama in 2012, and just barely for Trump in 2016. Inside Elections, Sabado, and Cook call it a Toss Up Race. This is a DCCC — Red to Blue Race. Go, Angie! To help her get over the tipping point, go to ActBlue to donate her campaign.

MN-03: Dean Phillips

Tipping Point Race: Dean Phillips aggressively takes on five-term Republican in Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District

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phillipsFiveThirtyEight targets the 3rd Congressional District as one of 25 districts most likely to flip the House this November!

Democrat Dean Phillips, entrepreneur and civic leader from a sixth-generation Minnesota family, is challenging Republican Erik Paulsen, a five-term Congressman and member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee. This is one of Minnesota’s most competitive races and probably the most expensive one in the state. It’s a Democratic party target to turn from “Red to Blue” and most pundits, as well as WNDC, see this race as a good bet to take back the House!

While receiving his MBA from the University of Minnesota, Phillips worked his way up to eventually lead the family business. Phillips and his business partners made Talenti Gelato one of America’s best-selling ice cream brands. His newest venture is Penny’s Coffee, a small business where the company voluntarily pays its employees $15 per hour. Phillips in his ‘coffee and conversations’ district tour says that he approaches public policy the same way he helped build businesses:

“by soliciting ideas from everybody, by being innovative, collaborative, and always finding ways to do more with less.”

Phillips refuses to take money from PAC’s, special interest groups, corporations, unions, and other politicians. Moreover, he opposes self-funding campaigns. To date, he has received 5,400 campaign donations. Phillips will make campaign finance reform a top priority. Republican Paulsen, on the other hand, raised over $3.7 million these past 18 months, mostly from insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Phillips’ issues range from affordable healthcare, gun violence, women’s rights, the environment, and protecting seniors.

His endorsements include, among many: Citizens United, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and Giffords. His opponent, Paulsen, is primarily supported by big business and special interests. Paulsen’s voting record reflects that — he has voted 50+ times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, received an “A” rating from the NRA, and a 0% rating from Planned Parenthood.

Clearly, Dean Phillips is the right choice for voters. WNDC is on his side! Go to ActBlue to donate to his campaign.

MN-01: Dan Feehan

Toss Up Race: Dan Feehan for Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District 

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danfeehan_0005_7-150x150Another “competitive” MN Congressional race, former Obama administration official and two-tour Iraqi veteran Dan Feehan is the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party candidate running to fill this open seat, which was left vacant when Democratic Rep. Tim Walz resigned to run for Governor. Before, Feehan faced and beat Colin Minehart (D) in the Democratic primary. This district is considered a “toss up” by the top pollsters: Cook, Inside Elections, and Sabato’s Crystal Ball. Also, it is on DCCC’s 2018 “Red to Blue” List. Although the 1st went for Donald Trump (R) in the 2016 election by 15 points, Walz narrowly held his own seat. WNDC, let’s push Feehan over the top and help Democrats take over the House in 2018!

As a fifth generation Minnesotan, Feehan has told his supporters that he was inspired by his parents’ public service and the electoral politics of Paul Wellstone and wanted to follow their example and serve his community. Feehan got his opportunity after he witnessed first-hand the 9-11 terrorist attacks while a college student in Washington, DC. Since then, he has worked to defend and serve the people of his state and country as a soldier, teacher, and national security professional at the Pentagon. He is endorsed by numerous organizations and groups, including, among others, CWA and AFL-CIO, Vote Vets, Planned Parenthood, NEA and Education Minnesota, End Citizens United, League of Conservation Voters, and more.

Feehan’s Republican opponent, Jim Hagedom, a former Treasury official, is making his fourth bid for the seat. Hagedom didn’t get the party endorsement in 2010 and ran unsuccessfully against Walz in 2014 and 2016. He hopes he can win against a different opponent. Hagedom paints Feehan as too liberal for this southern agricultural district.

However, Feehan, who doesn’t talk much about Trump, says district residents “want a check and balance” on the executive — even supporters of the President “want an independent voice.” MN is key to our success!


MN-08: Joe Radinovich

Toss Up Race Alert: Joe Radinovich for Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District

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joe radinovichJoe Radinovich is running a tight race in northern Minnesota, in the 8th District where he was raised. He served in the MN House of Representatives from 2012-2014, becoming active politically to stop cuts to rural schools near where he lives. Because of his commitment to liberal issues, notably same-sex marriage, however, he lost his seat after one term. He supported a bill for same-sex marriage after a number of gay students committed suicides in one area in the state.

Radinovich is now running for national office, hoping to beat the better-funded Republican candidate Pete Stauber. The district was won by Obama in 2008 and 2012 but by Trump in 2016, reflecting the tricky politics of a district that encompasses the dynamic city of Duluth as well as the no longer prosperous Iron Range.

Radinovich has been endorsed by Obama, Mondale, and Klobuchar, among many others, including political groups, employee organizations, and environmental action groups (i.e., MoveOn, Education MN, the Iron Workers Local, the MN Nurses Association, AFGE, the AFL-CIO, Human Rights Watch, and the Boundary Waters Association). However, he is being unfairly lashed by negative publicity sponsored by the Congressional Leadership Fund, claiming that he argued for higher taxes while refusing to pay traffic fines. These ads are based on a misinterpretation of facts.

Despite all this, Radinovich is eager to put into practice his policies. He believes in voting rights for felons, reduced sentences for less dangerous crimes, climate change, smart trade rather than high tariffs – and he does not support a wall between the US and Mexico.

Radinovich is young, enthusiastic, and committed to a part of MN that needs his kind of leadership. He’s a Minnesotan, having attended Macalester College. Let’s help the TOSS UP go to this young inspiring Democrat, not the Republican! For more information about him, visit his website and to donate, WNDC ACTBLUE.