Candidate Watch Nebraska

Candidate Watch Nebraska

NE-2: Kara Eastman

Kara Eastman for Nebraska’s 2nd District

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eastman for congressKara Eastman is the Democrat running for Nebraska’s 2nd District. She pulled off a surprise primary win while riding the progressive wave. Her immediate challenges will be party unity and fundraising. Before the primary, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee included this district in its targets for 2018. Her Democratic opponent, the more moderate Bradford Ashford, was expected to win so now the question is: will the DCCC support her? We can help her turn the 2nd blue!

Eastman, nonprofit director and social worker, faces Republican incumbent Don Bacon, a retired US Air Force Brigadier General and NRA candidate who won the seat by one point in 2016 against Bradford Ashford. Bacon is running on the Republican tax plan and regulatory rollbacks. Pollster Sabato considers the 2nd District a “toss up” seat. Two other pollsters consider it a “tilting” Republican seat (Inside Elections) or a “leaning” Republican seat. Great chance for Dems!

Midwesterner Kara Eastman, raised by a single mom and grandparents, recalls her grandfather’s WWII Purple Heart and her uncles who served in Vietnam. Following this “service” tradition, Eastman started the Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, now 20 years strong and earning national awards. The group raised more than $13 million to support green, safe, and healthy housing in Omaha for more than 4,000 kids and their families.

Eastman is a life-long Democrat who isn’t afraid of a fight. She embraces: healthcare for all; reducing income inequality; and pushing for common-sense gun safety.