Candidate Watch New Jersey

Candidate Watch New Jersey

NJ-7: Tom Malinowski

Tom Malinowski for New Jersey’s 7th District

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malinkowskiTom Malinowski decided to abandon his Foreign Service career when Donald Trump became President in November 2016 because he now finds that the US is in “deep trouble” under Trump’s leadership. “I’m running for Congress because everything I’ve worked for on behalf of our country is now under attack by our own President and his Republican enablers. Trump may have won an election; I don’t want him to win the argument about who we are as a nation.”

Malinowski served as an Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor from 2014-17 under President Obama after being a lobbyist for Human Rights Watch. He believes strongly in defending the human rights of women and LGBTQ people. He lives in the 7th District of New Jersey, a combination of rural and suburban voters. His positions are strongly anti-Trump. He supports the Affordable Care Act, wants to see the minimum wage raised to $15/hour, and is against the Muslim ban. Given his international career, he disagrees strongly with Trump’s breaking the US’s international alliances. He is pro infrastructure investments and environmental protection.

Malinowksi was born in Communist Poland in 1965 and moved to the US with his mother at the age of six. He earned an M. Phil from Oxford. He has just received the endorsement of the NewDemPAC, a group of 68 pragmatic Congressional leaders focused on finding bipartisan solutions. “Tom Malinowski knows that the toughest problems we face today can’t be solved through partisanship or division,” said the political director for the NewDemPAC. “That forward-thinking approach to governance is what makes Tom a clear fit for the New Democrat Coalition.”

Let’s support this strong Democrat who will be launching his political career in a battle against incumbent Republican Leonard Lance in the November mid-term elections.

NJ-3: Andy Kim

Andy Kim is galvanizing New Jersey’s suburban vote in nationally watched race

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andy kimRelative political newcomer Andy Kim is capitalizing with suburban Republican disenchantment with the GOP incumbent in New Jersey’s third district, Tom MacArthur. Though the wealthy, self-funded MacArthur was not even challenged in 2016, by April Andy Kim had already raised over $1 million in his bid to unseat the incumbent.

Though still supported by many in this Republican district, MacArthur has alienated untold numbers by voting with President Trump more frequently than anyone else in New Jersey’s Congressional delegation. Those voters are looking for more moderate representation, particularly as Trump’s tax plan starts to impact suburban homeowners. Consequently, this race increasingly is being seen by pundits and the Democratic Party as competitive. Rhodes Scholar Andy Kim was a national security advisor in the Obama White House. He was born and raised in this NJ district and is making a contract with its constituents to be the most accessible and transparent Member of Congress. He won’t take money from corporate PACs, promises to hold a town hall every month, and yearns to serve his constituents — families, not corporations.

NJ-11: Mikie Sherrill

Mikie Sherrill for New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District!

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mikie sherrill for congressMikie Sherrill is the Democratic candidate in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District who is taking on Republican Assembly member Jay Webber in the November general election. Democrats have the opportunity to pick up this seat since Republican Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen suddenly decided to retire in late 2017. Webber is known as a Reagan “conservative” and rising star in New Jersey party circles. Democrat Sherrill is a former Navy pilot and prosecutor. Her district has been targeted by the DCCC to turn it from Red to Blue. Sherrill is poised to win the 11th. WNDC can be right there with her!

Sherrill, 46, mother of four, graduated from the US Naval Academy and then spent 10 years on active duty in the US Navy. As a Sea King Helicopter pilot, she flew missions throughout Europe and the Middle East. Sherrill worked in the European Theater during the Iraq invasion, and served as Aide to the Deputy Commander of the US Atlantic Fleet. After leaving the Navy, she attended Georgetown Law School and later joined New Jersey’s US Attorney’s Office and developed programs to help prevent crime in the community. Her campaign agenda for families and communities includes: affordable and quality healthcare; access to quality education; addiction and opioid treatment; veterans’ health care; national security; gun safety; and more. Sherrill is endorsed by Emily’s List and the Brady Campaign, among others.

Democratic women candidates like Sherrill and her classmates at the US Naval Academy (such as Kentuckian Amy McGrath) are on a mission: to win seats in Congress. These Democratic women are breaking electoral barriers with the military credentials that launched their male peers into public office. According to the New York Times, these women candidates are running in swing districts where military service is likely to be recognized and where Democrats must win to take control of the House from Republicans. Sherrill’s district, according to pollster Cook, just switched ratings from Toss Up to Leaning D after the June primary. Other pollsters, Inside Elections and Sabato, rate the district as Tilt D or Toss Up. Democrat Sherrill, according to her own words, is taking on a fight for the soul of this country.