Candidate Watch New Mexico

Candidate Watch New Mexico

NM-02: Xochitl Torres Small

Xochitl Torres Small for New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District!

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xochitlIn another closely watched, potential Democratic pick-up race, Democrat Xochitl Torres Small is running for New Mexico’s second district. It’s a large, rural district along the US-Mexico border, and President Trump carried it by 10 points in 2016. However, it’s an open race, the demographics of the district have changed, and it’s 55% Hispanic. Torres Small is just the woman to bring this district back to Dems.

Her opponent is strong Trump supporter State Senator Yvette Herrell. Herrell is promising to continue to support Trumpian policies such as the US-Mexico border wall and tax cuts. She’s garnered an endorsement from the NRA.

Torres Small is the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants and is galvanizing Latina voters in her district. She articulates the values of rural voters — for land and community — and wants to focus on economic development, including broadband, for her district. She also wants to find more bipartisan cooperation: ” It’s not against something. It’s for something. You learn growing up in a small community to work together, and you don’t start working together by throwing insults at each other across the playground.”