Candidate Watch New York

Candidate Watch New York

NY-19: Antonio Delgado

Competitive District: Antonio Delgado for New York’s 19th Congressional District

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Antonio Delgado is running for Congress in New York’s 19th District, which stretches throughout the Hudson Valley and Catskills regions. He is running neck and neck against a freshman Republican, John Faso. Faso is slightly ahead. Women prefer Delgado; men tend to prefer Faso. Let’s help get out the women’s vote!

Delgado believes in universal affordable health care. He wants a tax code that works for working people and the middle class. He wants others to benefit from the American Dream as he has, which through hard work and commitment included graduate school at Harvard and a Rhodes scholarship.

Like President Obama, who has endorsed him, he is African-American; unlike Obama, Delgado is a rapper! He launched a fledgling rap career in 2007 under the stage name “AD the Voice.” Despite his career as both a small businessman and a successful lawyer, it is the rapper part of his history that is receiving the most attention in his race against his Republican incumbent. Delgado sought to give voice to the marginalized, with lyrics that criticized capitalism and America’s history of racial injustice. Faso’s ads refer to him as a “big-city rapper,” which many see as race baiting. This GOP strategy may backfire, as Delgado’s volunteer numbers have increased with the airing of these ads.

Let’s support this dynamic Democrat who has the chance to win a toss-up District. For more information, see and donate via WNDC ACTBLUE.



NY-22: Anthony Brindisi

Political Reformer for New York’s 22nd Congressional District

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anthony brindisiNamed by the Wall Street Journal as one of the five “Young Guns” in the NY State Assembly, Anthony Brindisi has been an outspoken advocate for public schools throughout his career. Brindisi is running for NY’s 22nd Congressional District as a Centrist Democrat. He won the uncontested Democratic primary in an eight county upper state NY district and now faces a “Trump Republican” Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, who was elected in 2016. Trump won by 55% and Tenney by 44%. The good news is that Brindisi’s district was identified as a “Red to Blue” by the DCCC. And, recently, pollster Inside Elections calls the district a ‘Tilt’ Dem, while Cook and Sabato call it a Toss Up! Trump is coming to save Tenney so watch out. WNDC, let’s work hard and claim Brindisi as an American Democratic victor for NY and the nation!

Brindisi, an attorney, says that bipartisanship is the key to finding solutions that can make a difference. Elected to the NY State Assembly in 2011, he earned a reputation for “principled bipartisanship” and became a voice for seniors, veterans, nurses, teachers, children, and public school funding. Emphasizing the need to close the job skills gap and better prepare students for high-wage, high-skills careers, Brindisi drafted and passed, with his collaborators, his “21st Century Education Initiative” to develop a diploma pathway for high school students. Moreover, he has helped turn state deficits into surpluses, deliver middle-class tax cuts, and invest in infrastructure.

Brindisi’s opponent, Rep.Tenney, who is an attorney and publisher, is in the fight of her life for her Congressional seat and is following the script of her party leader, Mr. Trump, by making character attacks on Brindisi and his Italian family. While doing this, she refuses to hold town meetings and to listen to many of the concerns of her constituents. Brindisi says that she has been “marching in lockstep with the hard right on critical issues that affect all of our lives,” including Republicans’ healthcare bills and tax bills promoting tax breaks for corporations.

While Brindisi supports a woman’s right to choose and to make decisions about her own health care services, Tenney voted to defund Planned Parenthood. WNDC, here is a “Good Guy” who has our back! We need to have his back. Promote him in NY state–with our WNDC national members, friends, and family. Republican PACs will be out for him. Let’s carry Brindisi over the finish line! Get more facts on him on his website and donate to his campaign at WNDC ACTBLUE.