Candidate Watch North Carolina

Candidate Watch North Carolina

NC-9: Dan McCready

Competitive District: Dan McCready for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District

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Iraq war veteran and solar energy entrepreneur Dan McCready is the Democratic candidate running against Republican Mark Harris to fill this seat, currently held by Republican Rob Pittenger. The 9th is a top DCCC target for 2018, and forecasters Cook, Sabato, and Inside Elections consider the 9th to be anywhere between a toss-up to “lean” Democratic to “lean” Republican. WNDC, let’s help McCready persuade the 9th’s voters to join a nationwide Blue Wave!

McCready’s moderate views are a good match for the 9th, which consists of liberal-leaning portions of Charlotte and more conservative rural and suburban areas. While the 9th has been in Republican hands for decades, McCready got more votes in the primary than all 3 Republican candidates combined, despite having no serious challenger. This level of enthusiasm for Democrats indicates that the 9th may be ripe for flipping. McCready supports common-sense gun reform, protecting Medicare and Social Security, and protecting “Dreamers” and veterans. He has been endorsed by many individuals and groups, including the Black Political Caucus of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Vote Vets, League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, and many others. In contrast, McCready’s Republican opponent Mark Harris is a full-throated supporter of Trump, and will be an active foot soldier in advancing the Trump administration’s reactionary and dangerous policies.

WNDC, Captain McCready voluntarily led a platoon of Marines in a war zone because he wanted to defend our country. Now he is defending us again, this time against home-grown enemies of democracy. We are in a position to help McCready in the fight–let’s do it! We encourage you to learn about McCready at his campaign website: and donate at WNDC ACTBLUE.


NC-13: Kathy Manning

Congressional Candidate Watch: Kathy Manning for North Carolina’s 13th District!

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kathy manning for congressKathy Manning is the Democratic candidate challenging Republican incumbent Ted Budd of North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District, which includes Greensboro. The DCCC has targeted the 13th for the “Red to Blue” program, and pollsters Cook and Sabato consider the district to only “lean” Republican. WNDC can help Manning in her efforts to win this seat. Manning is an accomplished immigration lawyer and businesswoman from Greensboro, where she has lived with her family for the past 30 years. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, she became a community leader, helping the unemployed with job retraining and mortgage assistance programs. She has firsthand experience with the US’s frustrating healthcare system, due to having a daughter with a chronic illness. Besides promising to fight for affordable and accessible healthcare, her other issues include jobs; clean energy; education; protecting Social Security and Medicare; and helping veterans.

Budd is a gun store owner and a member of the Tea-Party aligned Freedom Caucus, a group of the most hard-right members of Congress. He was elected in 2016 with the strong financial backing of the Club for Growth, the ultra-conservative organization that is anti-regulation, anti-tax, and anti-Obamacare. A self-proclaimed Christian, that has not prevented Budd from engaging in a “dirty tricks” style campaign against Manning since December, when she first announced her campaign for the primary. Manning is going to need help to fight back against Budd’s hypocritical attacks and the Club for Growth’s money.