Woman's National Democratic Club

Permanent Collection

17th Century Flemish Still Life I

Pieter Casteels III 1684-1749

Oil on Canvas

Pieter Casteels III was born in Antwerp. He trained with his father, Pieter Casteels II, a painter who worked in Antwerp. In 1708, he left to join the vibrant London art scene. Flower paintings were extremely popular during the 1600’s in Northern Europe. Many Flemish artists painted them for their well-to-do clients to beautify their homes all year round and especially during the long dark winters. Floral Still Life paintings were valued for their realism, their aesthetic appeal, and decorative function.

These paintings came to the Woman’s National Democratic Club from the estate of Mrs. Florence (Daisy) Harriman, who was a co-founder of the WNDC.

Portrait of a Gentleman and Portrait of a Lady

Artist Unknown

Oil on Canvas, Early 19th Century

These paintings were found in the house when the WNDC purchased it in 1927. The last occupant of the house was Walter Wilcox. These portraits may have been left behind when he and his wife, Florence vacated the house in 1926 and then sold it to the Woman’s National Democratic Club. Experts from the National Portrait Gallery and other institutions tell us that these portraits were painted in the early 1820’s because of the sitter’s hairstyles and clothes. They may be attributed to a Philadelphia artist, Jacob Eichholtz, or possibly Bass Otis, who also worked mainly in Philadelphia. However, restoration of the paintings as recently as 2015 has not yielded any more clues about these portraits.

Long Case Clock

Signed “Sam Macham, London”

Walnut case with seaweed marquetry, glazed bonnet door above case with prospect door having an oval glass window, movement with silvered chapter ring.

Restored in 2013 by order of Nucchi Currier

Samuel Macham is often referred to as the Early Master of Time. He was a London clock and watch maker from 1690-1715 and his clocks and watches are in museums and sometimes come up in auctions. The center of the clock face has a second’s ring within as well as a date aperture. The walnut case has seaweed marquetry and finials on the top.