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NRA Potentially Colludes with Russian Spy While IRS Rules that the Gun Group No Longer Needs to Disclose Its Dark Money Donor Names

Just when you thought it was impossible to hear any more shocking news this week, a Russian female spy was indicted on charges of conspiracy to advance the interests of the Russian Federation through the NRA.  Within 24 hours the IRS decided that 501 (c) (4) groups like the NRA will no longer need to disclose their major donors.  Coincidence? I think not. Did the NRA funnel money to influence the 2016 election? We’ll see. Also, is it another coincidence that the NRA spent millions more supporting Trump than any previous Presidential candidate?  Read an updated photo timeline of alleged Spy Maria Butina’s meetings with NRA leaders and prominent Republican politicians here.

Administration Says It’s Okay to Fire People Because They’re Gay

Yep, while we watched with horror the coverage of #45’s disastrous performance in Europe, his Department of so-called Justice actually argued in court that gay people shouldn’t be protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  In everyday practice, of course, this means that employers would be able to fire an employee based solely on his or her sexual orientation.

View “Ring of Fire”  video commentary.

The Two Trump Sons’ Secret Service Costs Almost $250,000 for a Single Month

As #45 wrecks our alliances and reputation abroad, his sons are helping him drain the Treasury.  Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) reported this week that primarily due to business-related international trips, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump have racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded travel and other costs for Secret Service protection, including one month so expensive it came close to a quarter million dollars.  If you’re not sufficiently outraged, elevate your blood pressure a little more here. Kleptocracy marches on!

The Treasury Drains Even More:  #45’s Military Parade Scheduled for November 10

Speaking of marches, what some have called the “Look at Me Everybody Military Parade,” scheduled for November 10, will drain the Treasury of another $12 million — at a minimum.  Previous estimates were twice that amount, so I would go with the latter. How might this money be used for a better cause? Some are estimating that every homeless veteran could be fed for at least two weeks.  Other sources remind us that the cost is mostly equivalent to the military exercise with South Korea, which #45 cancelled because it is “tremendously expensive.” This is a lot of Treasury, folks, just to feed an ego!

–Shelly Livingston, Vice Chair, Committee on Public Policy and Political Action