April 2018 Democratic Positions on Gun Violence Prevention

April 2018 Democratic Positions on Gun Violence Prevention

Democratic Positions on Gun Violence Prevention and School Safety

“Whenever you bump into someone there is the fear that they are the next shooter” – Daniela Palacios, 16


Democrats support actions that will be effective in protecting our students from shooters that have killed an appalling number of innocent young children and teenagers in mass murders. We believe in the bravery and eloquence of the students that have survived and look to them for guidance. Their messages are clear that arming teachers will only make their schools less safe. We need fewer guns not more.

Decisions on making our schools safer should be made by citizens not by corporations and lobbying groups pursuing their own financial interests. The National Rifle Association should not dominate our national debate on the best road to follow to protect our youth.

Initiatives to identify disturbed young men is desirable but totally ineffective in stopping massacres. Even the biggest budget and most intrusive practices can’t guarantee the next shooter will be spotted before he acts. The Parkland shooter was identified as a troubled young man, multiple times. Mentally ill shooters will not be deterred by more security guards and armed teachers. They aren’t making practical calculations on whether to storm into a classroom precisely because they are mentally ill. If they are using a rapid fire assault rifle, they know they will kill many before anyone can kill them.

The issue is not just reducing murders. There are issues of freedom of speech and moral beliefs. More guns mean less freedom of speech. Individuals are going to be extremely cautious about what they say to someone once they have noticed that that person is armed. Individuals hold beliefs against taking a life that should be respected. One husband of a teacher was quoted as saying his wife didn’t want to be armed because she didn’t want to kill.


Democrats back the students calling for a ban on assault weapons, banning bump stocks, raising age levels for purchasing guns, requiring a waiting period for purchase, and universal background checks.


“He was a boy that got shot because of your laws saying an 18 year old boy can carry a military grade weapon to kill” – Tyra Hemans, 19