December 2018 “Really Smart” to Lie

December 2018 “Really Smart” to Lie

“Really Smart” to Lie

Brian Y. Silber, a lawyer, went through an exhaustive manual recount this summer when a Broward County judge he represented seemed to have lost on Election Day — only to wake up the next morning to find that he had taken the lead. It took two days to get a new result, he said, and that was with about a quarter of the number of ballots that now must be reviewed

“I would be shocked, really shocked, if there was evidence of fraud, conspiracy, anything illegal or evil,” Mr. Silber said. “What I genuinely believe is that elections officials, for whatever reason, are not getting it done on time. That’s a combination of poor management, underfunding and understaffing.”

The problem has been going on for years, he said.

He said Republicans had a savvy — albeit misleading — strategy to convince supporters in advance that any loss would be attributable to misdeeds by Democrats.

“It’s really smart on the G.O.P.’s part,” Mr. Silber said. “They know there is no evidence of fraud.”

In talking about how really smart the GOP has been to lie like Trump or Scott in his accusation of fraud is to aid and abet the destruction of our democratic institutions to make way for autocratic institutions.

— Elizabeth Spiro Clark, Chair, Committee on Public Policy and Political Action