July 2018: Democratic Party seems to be leaving me out

July 2018: Democratic Party seems to be leaving me out

Democratic Party seems to be leaving me out

As a white male millennial I am feeling left out of the Democratic Party’s outreach. I understand the implications of the #MeToo movement, LGBTQ inclusion etc., but my demographic should not be conceded to the Republican Party. There are significant numbers of us who have grown up in communities of inclusion and we are not the enemy.

Many of us are facing significant student loan debt, uncertain job prospects, and high housing costs in areas with low unemployment so male millennials should be a target for the Democratic Party’s message but somehow it doesn’t feel like it. The party has a chance to speak to young adults with one voice. First, recognize the huge impact of the Great Recession on this generation. Second, propose work and community service opportunities that help young people retire student debt. Thirdly, propose housing allowances similar to military benefits for young teachers, which equalize housing costs so that more energetic, smart young people will be enticed to become public school teachers, especially in underperforming areas. Finally, consider a proposal for a more robust system of vocational, technical, and apprenticeship programs for students not interested in four-year degrees.

The Republican status quo has done an excellent job of leaving many young men behind but they have also done a good job of scapegoating minority groups. The Democratic Party must not respond in kind by scapegoating young white males either. For huge millennial voter turnout in 2018 and especially 2020 there must be inclusive proposals that bring young adults out to Vote For Something. No more protest voting.

–Submitted by WNDC member Hollin Dwiggins and millennial voter Wells Dwiggins Thomason