JULY 2018: The Ultimate Masters’ “Lashes of the Whip”…

JULY 2018: The Ultimate Masters’ “Lashes of the Whip”…

The Ultimate Masters’ “Lashes of the Whip” on the Backs of Those People/  Concentration Camps of Children Whose Parents Are Seeking Asylum and Confiscation of Taxpayer Monies Meant for Health Care and the Welfare of Children and Families

The fascist-like abductions of thousands of children from the arms of their parents who cross our southern borders to seek sanctuary is the culmination of the social agenda of #45’s and virtually all of his Republican “true believers.”

We should not be surprised. From the day of #45’s inauguration his “Us/Them” apartheid platform has endeared Trump to his American voter base. That far right Republican base adores policies that disparage those people, such as Muslims, Spanish speaking “breeders,” “murderous MS13 drug traffickers,” most other asylum seekers, and darker skinned American citizens labeled as “food stamp thugs,” “ignorant bums,” or “druggies.”

Not only are we told to be very afraid of those people but also we are warned that billions of dollars of taxpayer money will be wasted on welfare for them because they do not have money or skills or are too young or too ill to work. The attacks on those people began immediately with the “Muslim travel ban” that forbade entrance to America by citizens from particular Middle Eastern countries. Many of those who were affected were actually American citizens.

Next on the #45 “hit list” has been the destruction of the Affordable Care Act because it facilitates health care for most of those people and is partially taxpayer funded. By executive decree, 7 billion dollars has been stripped from CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), and 8 million dollars has been extracted from Medicaid and Medicare. Additionally, there have been multiple efforts to ”block grant” Medicaid, which would allow state governors to divert health care monies to the construction of golf courses, etc.

Now two (red) states have filed lawsuits to remove the mandate that every citizen must purchase health insurance in order to enlarge the insurance “risk pool.” Without healthy citizens in the risk pool, fellow Americans with catastrophic accidents/illnesses would be priced out of health care and left to die. If both lawsuits are successful, insurance companies will gain a tremendous windfall and the structure of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) will be destroyed.

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is also under attack. Several (red) states are demanding a “work requirement” for people to receive continued food assistance. The problem is that many recipients are too old or too disabled to work, or are new mothers with young babies to care for.

Lastly, Dr. Ben Carson, head of Housing and Urban Development, has decided that recipients of rental assistance are not contributing enough money to their landlords. So their rent costs have tripled. Of course this policy is in the name of “saving” money for the government. This is the very same public servant who spent $31,000 on a new table for his office.

Tragically, Americans are witnessing our sense of community being fractured by religious bigotry, racism, economic classicism, and general fear instilled daily by #45, Republican members of Congress and Republican state legislators, right wing media, and many well-known televangelist ministers.

We must speak out and rally and march and VOTE for mercy, and kindness, and compassion. “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You” must be a renewed ethic. We cannot rest until our “better angels” are resurrected for ourselves and our children yet to be born.


–Karen Pataky, Chair, Health Policy Task Force