May 2018 Resolutions on Climate Change

May 2018 Resolutions on Climate Change

Resolution on Climate Change and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions into the Atmosphere

WHEREAS: Recent evidence indicates that climate change is accelerating, as seen by record increases in average global temperatures in 2017, slowing of key Atlantic ocean currents affecting northern hemisphere climate patterns, increasing sea level rise and accompanying coastal flooding, and increasing numbers of extreme weather events; and

WHEREAS: The Administration refuses to recognize that human-caused climate change exists, to the point of withdrawing from the ParisClimate Agreement, eliminating all references to climate change and prohibiting the use of the term “climate change” in Federal agency publications and websites; and

WHEREAS: The Administration attacks science and scientists, including removing scientists from EPA advisory groups, preventing EPA and other Federal scientists from speaking or presenting papers at environmental events; and

WHEREAS: The EPA is replacing scientists with fossil fuel and chemical industry lobbyists in key policy positions, now extending to the recently confirmed Deputy Administrator, Andrew Wheeler, a lobbyist for Murray Energy, Inc., a coal mining company with a particularly disastrous environmental record; and

WHEREAS: The EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, a long-time advocate for fossil fuel companies, is pushing to eliminate as many environmental regulations established by previous administrations as possible, such as: limits on methane emissions from ”fracking” on public lands, the Clean Water Rule, greatly relaxing motor vehicle emission standards, and restrictions on coal ash production and storage; and

WHEREAS: The Interior Department is attempting to greatly reduce the size of certain National Monuments (Bears Ears, Great Staircase/ Escalante) to open up these areas to oil drilling and coal and mineral mining, as well as attempting to open up parts of the Atlantic coastline and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration and drilling;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That because climate change is an immediate threat to human life and health, especially in poor and vulnerable communities, and in the somewhat longer term to the next generation and ultimately to the human race, the National Federation of Democratic Women gives its full support to the US rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, with the accompanying steps to reduce our carbon footprint; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the NFDW will exert every effort in localities, regions, and nationally to press for carbon reduction programs, such as establishing fees on carbon-based fuel producers, and for other incentives to move rapidly toward greater reliance on renewable sources of energy; that the NFDW will make every effort to advocate for evidence-based scientific environmental research, support candidates and lawmakers committed to taking immediate and strong action to slow climate change and mitigate its effects, and join campaigns by environmental organizations to stop the Administration’s roll back of environmental regulations; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the Secretary of the National Federation of Democratic Women forward a copy of this resolution to all chartered National Federation of Democratic Women Clubs throughout the country.

Resolution submitted by the Woman’s National Democratic Club to the National Federation of Democratic Women, May 1, 2018
(Note: WNDC is a Club member of the National Federation of Democratic Women.)