September 2018 Wondering how you can have an impact…

September 2018 Wondering how you can have an impact…

Wondering how you can have an impact in the Midterm Elections? Join WNDC’s Mobilize 4 Midterms, Winning Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday evening from September 12 until Election Day, the WNDC will host high-energy, high-impact activism events. We’re partnering with other groups, including the Grassroots Coordinating Committee, Swing Left, Arlington Dems, and Ladies Take Your House Seats.

Grab a friend or two and come to our historic Whittemore House near Dupont Circle anytime from 6-9 pm on Wednesdays. No registration required. Just join us to:

  1. Support local candidates: Several VA races now feature strong women candidates in in flippable districts. We’ll be postcarding, texting, calling, and donating/fundraising to support them.
  2. Join other “Hot Races” around the country. Each week we’ll pick two or three other races that need our help. We’ll give an overview of the races and help activists find ways to get involved.
  3. Adopt a Race. Join a team or pick a great candidate and form your own team of friends and colleagues to support this candidate from now through election day. Teams can meet at WNDC every Wednesday to check in, postcard/call/text for their candidate, share success stories with other teams, and plan the next week’s activities. Get creative and competitive! We’ll have an “activist award” ceremony on October 31 to celebrate the teamwork so far and prepare for the “Last Weekend” final push.

If you bring your energy, skills and experience, we’ll match it with:

  • Special guests knowledgeable about key campaigns and high-impact activist opportunities. On the roster already are Lauren Underwood (IL-14), Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23), and Jessica Morse (CA-4).
  • Updates on emerging hot races.
  • E-tools to help you educate, register, raise funds, and get voters to the polls.
  • Opportunities to match your interests and skills with the campaigns’ needs for:
    • Phone banking
    • Text banking
    • Postcard writing
    • Early and absentee voting
    • Fundraising
    • Volunteer recruitment
    • Signing up for canvassing
  • Sign up sheets for the “Last Weekend” volunteer push, voter protection teams, voter registration drives, canvassing, and other key activities.
  • Occasional special programs on topics such as voter protection and mobilizing young voters.
  • A cash bar and snacks!