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*IMPORTANT*: Before seeking care or reproductive support, avoid leaving a digital trail by using private or incognito browsers, a VPN, or other measures to obscure your search history and online activities. This information, if available, could be used as evidence of an abortion in a court of law. For more information on protecting your reproductive information: click here.

Political Action

Want to get involved in the fight for reproductive rights and don’t know where to start?

Get Involved:

Get Out the Vote!:

2022 Midterm Election - Senate Races

President Biden said after the Supreme Court decision was made: “Roe is on the ballot.” Midterm elections are fast approaching and supporting candidates who will protect Roe on the state and national level is vital.

Join our Get Out the Vote committee to encourage voters to get out to the polls for the Midterm Elections this Fall. Get involved in letter-writing, canvassing, and volunteering at the polls!

You can also support candidates who will fight to protect reproductive rights: 

Support Pro-Choice Women Candidates endorsed by Emily’s List

Help Financially Support the Fight:

How to Talk About Reproductive Rights and Abortion:

Abortion and Reproductive Rights can be a difficult topic and can be deeply personal. How do we engage in productive and civil conversations about abortion without ending in a screaming match?

Here are some resources to help discuss these topics with those with opposing views:

  1. Talking About Abortion | Planned Parenthood

  2. Your Mini Guide to Discussing Abortion at the Dinner Table | ACLU